Our Protein Partner

Dairy that’s 100% animal-free
Performs like cow’s milk
No factory farms or hormones used
Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status
67% less sugar than Whole milk

Proudly made with animal-free dairy protein from Perfect Day®.

About Perfect Day®’s animal-free whey protein:

Dairy from Perfect Day® is made without animal inputs. Their non-animal whey protein is identical to what is in cow’s milk, but made without using a single animal in the process. Perfect Day® is lactose-free, hormone free, and cholesterol-free. Their production process also has a smaller carbon footprint than that of conventional whey protein isolate. Now consumers can enjoy the real taste, texture and nutrition of traditional dairy without compromise.

How is animal-free dairy made?

Perfect Day® uses a microflora, a tiny organism to ferment simple plant-based ingredients to produce the same dairy proteins found in cow’s milk without using a single animal! The microflora are given a copy of the DNA responsible for whey protein production in cows, empowering them to ferment plant sugars into a pure dairy protein. Fermentation is a tried and true, safe and natural process used to produce countless foods, probiotics, vitamins, natural flavors and enzymes that humans consume daily. It is cleaner and more resource-efficient than traditional animal farming. Perfect Day® is a new and revolutionary approach to dairy. For more information on Perfect Day’s process click here.

Does Perfect Day®’s protein contain GMOs?

Perfect Day®’s animal-free protein does not contain GMOs.

The microflora Perfect Day® works with are really good at producing different kinds of protein naturally. They simply give them instructions for producing exactly the type of protein they want – in this case – whey. They then filter out the flora, leaving only pure protein. In other words, genetic engineering is part of our process, but genetically modified organisms or any detectable genetic material is not present in our protein.

Does Perfect Day® protein contain lactose?

It does not. Perfect Day®’s protein is lactose and cholesterol-free. Finally, those with lactose intolerance can enjoy betterland’s products without having to suffer discomforting consequences. And people on a low cholesterol regime can also consume our products without having to compromise.

What if I’m allergic to dairy, can I eat products made with Perfect Day®?

Perfect Day®’s protein contains whey. Products made with Perfect Day® protein are not suitable for individuals with dairy protein allergies. As mentioned above, Perfect Day®’s protein is genetically identical to real dairy proteins found in traditional candy and cow’s milk. As such, all our products containing Perfect Day® have a clear allergen warning on the packaging “CONTAINS: MILK PROTEIN”.

The Numbers:

An ISO-certified, third party-validated life cycle assessment showed just how much better tomorrow can be with Perfect Day® protein. Perfect Day®’s protein is mindful of natural resources and impact on the environment, including:


Perfect Day® reduces water demand by at least 96 % and up to 99% compared to traditional production methods.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions:

Perfect Day® reduces greenhouse gas emissions by at least 91% and up to 97% compared to traditional production methods.

Non-Renewable Energy

Perfect Day® reduces non-renewable energy use by at least 29% and up to 60% compared to traditional production methods.